The press and other media were inventive in creating joke- or nicknames or assigning peculiarities.
“The photographer with the cap” (27.06.1997) or “The man with the cap” (Morgenpost, 27.06.1093), “The man with the ladder” … “lives with the camera” (Morgenpost, 20.03.1983), “Heinrich is always there” (BILD, 01.07. 1976), “Not everything has to be picobello” (Berliner Zeitung, 20.03.1093), “The doyen of sports photography” (in an interview with RIAS Berlin), “World champion of sports photography” (Haller Kreisblatt) and finally the most elegant “Picasso with the camera”.

You have to have something special when the press develops so much creativity over many years. And Heinrich von der Becke apparently had that. There are a number of qualities that distinguish a good photographer. That he probably had them is reflected in various favourable press reviews.

We have compiled the most interesting reports here and would like to thank all the print media for their uncomplicated cooperation.

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