Looking at a beautiful photo is an exciting experience. The picture is analysed: what do you see, how do the objects in the picture relate to each other and what tensions are created. But all this only happens in the mind of the viewer.

Under certain circumstances, it is more exciting if you can also communicate about the picture. It is even more appealing if there are several pictures and you share your thoughts with others.

This is what some publicists have done and have dealt with the work and, beyond that, with the life of the protagonist. Read the insightful contributions here.

The speech by Manfred Nippe (Landessportbund Berlin) on the occasion of the exhibition in the Olympic Park in 2008 not only describes the friendly relationship with Heinrich von der Becke, but also reflects on the work and life of Heinrich von der Becke in a way that could not be better described.

The explanations by Thomas Willaschek (Berlin Sports Museum), including some humorous anecdotes, also tell in depth about many phases from the restless activity and work of the important sports photographer.

If you feel addressed by these articles or finally by this website and would also like to contribute something because you knew Heinrich von der Becke personally or had some other relationship to him, please do not hesitate to get in touch. The easiest way is to send an e-mail using the button in the footer.

In addition, you will also find information on current events concerning the person Heinrich von der Becke.

Ein Fotograf mit Schiebermütze, Brille und hellem Sakko hält eine Rolleiflex Kamera vor der Brust. Ihm gegenüber steht eine Frau in Olympiamannschaftskleidung. Sie trägt eine weiße Baskenmütze auf dem Kopf und ein weißes Sakko mit Olympiawappen auf der linken Brusttasche. Sie wird aus einer Distanz unter einem Meter fotografiert.

The photographer with the flat cap

… and its cameras. A treatise by Manfred Nippe. The “Rolleiflex 2.8 F” in the Berlin Sports Museum is an icon of photography. In the 1930s, the two-eye camera from Braunschweig revolutionised the world of photography; no professional photographer, photo reporter or sports photographer...

By Manfred Nippe
Four sprinters right on the Zeilbahn directly in front of the finishing line at chest height. In the background, the packed stadium.

Photo edition on the occasion of the 100th birthday of the great Berlin photojournalist Heinrich von der Becke

Complete photo archive in the Berlin Sports Museum. By Thomas Willaschek. In the news metropolis of Berlin, his name carried weight for more than six decades. Friends and representatives of the press esteemingly called him “Picasso with the camera” or the “Great Small Print”....

By Thomas Willaschek
Two runners side by side shortly after the failed baton handover. The fallen baton is clearly visible in the lower right corner of the picture.

The Picasso with the Camera – Memories of the Sports Photographer Heinrich von der Becke

An exhibition at the Olympiapark Berlin. By Manfred Nippe. With a small exhibition in the atrium of the former “House of German Sport” on the grounds of the Berlin Olympic Park, the Berlin Sports Museum commemorates the work of the sports photographer Heinrich von...

By Manfred Nippe
Two boxers in close-up, photographed from the side, face each other. The boxer on the left hits his opponent's nose with his fist. The boxer on the right hits his opponent's left eye and cheek with his fist. Both boxers are fully captured by the flash, the background remains black.

Sportmuseum Berlin – Picasso with the Camera – The Press Photographer Heinrich von der Becke (1913 -1997)

Thomas Willaschek in the Museums Journal It was 1929 when a young man applied for an apprenticeship at the old master of sports photography and co-founder of the Charlottenburg Sports Club, Max Schirner. Four years earlier, a Dresden uncle had given the then twelve-year-old...

By Thomas Willaschek
Badminton player with laughing face in straddle jump in the air, shot frontally. Flash provides strong contrast between background and athlete in white sportswear.

Heinrich von der Becke – “The Picasso with the Camera” – Berlin Sports Museum Exhibits Works of the Sports Photographer

Prof. Dr. Detlef Kuhlmann Introduces The Berlin Sports Museum is currently hosting an exhibition documenting and honoring the works of arguably the most important sports photographer of his time: Heinrich von der Becke (1913 to 1997) is considered the “Picasso with a camera.” The...

By Prof. Dr. Detlef Kuhlmann
Aerial view Large round stadium with open roof occupied by people

Exhibition “Heinrich von der Becke” in the Olympic Park Berlin 2008

Opening speech on November 8, 2008 in the atrium of the former “House of German Sports Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear Mr. von der Becke, dear Martina, dear Gerd, I see many old familiar photos with which I grew up in 50 years of...

By Manfred Nippe
Close-up on the stadium turf. Two athletes lie on their stomachs and look forward. The one on the left is looking at the camera, the one on the right is looking to the left. Both are smiling friendly.

Heinrich von der Becke, the famous Berlin sports photographer, died ten years ago – His photos caused a sensation

Thomas Willaschek in “Sport in Berlin” – Magazine of the Landessportbund Berlin, June 2007 In the news metropolis of Berlin, his name carried weight for many decades: Heinrich von der Becke, the artist with the slouch hat on his head, was one of the...

By Thomas Willaschek
Two runners at the finish line

The event in the event

Thoughts about the sports photo from the protagonist of this website Heinrich von der Becke in the magazine “Bildjournalist” 02/1958 Three young people stand on the victory podium of a stadium and, besides the usual handshake, await the victory trophy from the hand of...

By Heinrich von der Becke