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Two runners side by side shortly after the failed baton handover. The fallen baton is clearly visible in the lower right corner of the picture.

The Picasso with the Camera – Memories of the Sports Photographer Heinrich von der Becke

An exhibition at the Olympiapark Berlin. By Manfred Nippe. With a small exhibition in the atrium of the former “House of German Sport” on the grounds of the Berlin Olympic Park, the Berlin Sports Museum commemorates the work of...

By Manfred Nippe
Two boxers in close-up, photographed from the side, face each other. The boxer on the left hits his opponent's nose with his fist. The boxer on the right hits his opponent's left eye and cheek with his fist. Both boxers are fully captured by the flash, the background remains black.

Sportmuseum Berlin – Picasso with the Camera – The Press Photographer Heinrich von der Becke (1913 -1997)

Thomas Willaschek in the Museums Journal It was 1929 when a young man applied for an apprenticeship at the old master of sports photography and co-founder of the Charlottenburg Sports Club, Max Schirner. Four years earlier, a Dresden uncle...

By Thomas Willaschek
Badminton player with laughing face in straddle jump in the air, shot frontally. Flash provides strong contrast between background and athlete in white sportswear.

Heinrich von der Becke – “The Picasso with the Camera” – Berlin Sports Museum Exhibits Works of the Sports Photographer

Prof. Dr. Detlef Kuhlmann Introduces The Berlin Sports Museum is currently hosting an exhibition documenting and honoring the works of arguably the most important sports photographer of his time: Heinrich von der Becke (1913 to 1997) is considered the...

By Prof. Dr. Detlef Kuhlmann